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So I’m going to start with a list of beers that I can very vividly remember loving with every ounce of my being upon first consumption. As I go back and actually drink the beers again, I will give as thorough a breakdown as possible in a fashion resemblant to various other beer reviews. This list is indubitably going to change – there are far too many beers in the world that I have not tried and it is inevitable that I will find something better than what I have listed here. Again, this is a list based on immediate recollection of what I fell in love with upon my first taste, and resultingly that I sought out for purchase time and time again.

(Note: As you read on, you will notice that several styles are missing, and others repeated. This isn’t to say that I dislike particular styles, or that they shouldn’t be on this list – however for this initial catalogue I have to go as memory serves… and based on what I’m looking at, memory serves deliciously!)
(Post-note: These are in a very non-particular, particular order)
(Post-post-note: The rating system that you see below is based on points out of 10. Each beer is rated solely on its own various merits and not in comparison to the other beers listed. They will obviously all be highly rated seeing as though this is a list of my Top 10 favorite beers. Essentially what I’m saying is, if you see two or three beers with the same rating, understand that comparatively they are not equal. This should hopefully clear up any confusion.)

Yeungling lager10. Yeungling Lager

Style – American Amber Lager

ABV – 4.40%

Serving Temp – 48° F – Cold man, right outta the fridge (preferably right outta the draft)

The Look – With a good pour you can achieve about a fingers width of head that quickly dissipates. The lacing is minimal and washes away easily, but it’s there. A very clear, clean amber/golden hue that appears refreshingly enticing.

The Aroma – A slightly bread-like, malty aroma can be picked up after the pour, along with a faint hoppiness. Otherwise nothing else is particularly  notable.

The Taste – The mouthfeel is immediately clean, crisp and smooth. Slightly watery with a just above average carbonation which gradually becomes less noticeable. The taste itself most notably consists of caramel toasted malts and a slight cereal grain flavor, with a very mild, hoppy finish to round it out.

Food Pairing Suggestions – This will go great with anything you throw on the grill at a summer cookout – burgers, hot dogs, sausages – anything you’re generally looking to wash down with a nice cold, refreshing brew. It would also pair well with any light dish, whether it be fish, chicken, or even a salad. I know through my own countless experiences that it goes great with a delicious NY slice of ‘za too.

Overall rating:  8.5/10  – I know what you’re thinking, “You’re seriously going to give Yeungling Lager a freakin’ 8.5 out of 10? Really?” Yes, really. So what if it isn’t even close to the most amazing beer on the face of the planet. So what if there’s nothing particularly stand-out-able about it other than its history. And so what if its packaged in a green bottle and cheaper than a 12 pack of PBR. The fact is, it’s incredibly drinkable and honestly tasty to boot. It would not be difficult for me to sit back and polish off said cheap 12 pack over the course of an evening. And no, I’m not an alcoholic, I just really enjoy good, drinkable beer. Again, your comment becomes “But an 8.5 out of 10?” Like I said, it has flavor, it goes down easy, it’s refreshing as hell, and I honestly do enjoy it more than any other straight up lager that I have ever had.* This my friends, is the true ‘American Man’s Beer.’

(Sorry about that Brooklyn, but I cannot tell a lie)

9. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale


Style – American Pale Ale

ABV – 5.60%

Serving Temp – 50-55° F – I personally prefer it on the colder side, but the hoppy flavors and aromas really stand out when it’s a little warmer.

The Look –


The Aroma –


The Taste –


Food Pairing Suggestions –


Overall Rating:


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