Beer. It’s the new wine. Man’s other ‘best friend’ and indeed one of my closest.

Here you will find a ‘Top 10’ list of beers that I deem personal faves. This list will evolve with time as I am presented with, and seek out the opportunity to tipple the wondrous plethora of libations pouring forth from the uncountable liquid artisans around the world. This list is a reflection of what I am enjoying the most currently, and as such, I will attempt to keep it updated, so that ‘current’ actually means current, and not ‘current based on the time that I initially posted this general overview of “Beer” section in this blog.’

You will also find a list of beer ‘Reviews’ that I will update as I come to consume more of life’s sweetest nectar in all its various styles and incarnations. The reviews themselves will follow the same guidelines setup in the ‘Top 10’ section of my blog, and will hopefully cover most of what I sample. If I feel like it, I might even try to cover the Big 3 and their various manifestations along the way… more for fun than anything else.

Hopefully you will find the contents within interesting, and maybe even helpful in assisting you on your quest for the perfect pint. Cheers!


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