2011 Dogfish Head OCFF

I randomly found this film festival that Dogfish Head puts on every year about a month ago whilst perusing their website. It’s called the OCFF and I’m uber-excited about an idea that’s been stewing in my brain juices ever since I read about it. Check out the site.

The idea is that you have 5 minutes to tell an off-centered story involving Dogfish Head and you can do whatever the hell you want. Because I have yet to do all the awesome stuff I’ve mentioned I would, many of you who read this probably have no idea that Dogfish Head is my favorite microbrewery, pretty much hands down. Their take on great beer is one that remains both flagship and untouched. Ever willing to go off the deep end and create any number of crazily flavored concoctions, Dogfish Head is a company that leads the pack in creativity and innovation. As a result of this, Sam Calagione (founder and President) is one of my heros. Not to mention the guy is cool shit, and he is uncannily grounded in reality, making him seem completely accessible.

In any case, I’ve got a solid idea for this short that I think will come out pretty kickass. The logline is essentially this: A Dogfish Head employee is jumped and bound in his own home by an evil Buttwasser delivery guy looking to extract the micro-breweries secrets of success. Will he succeed, or will our off-centered underdog prevail?

Thoughts? Given that I FINALLY have a legitimate opportunity to combine 3 of my favorite things in the whole world – beer, film and Steph (she’s going to do the make up) – not only can I absolutely not pass this up, but I literally don’t have the right to. It is infinitely beyond my rights as a human being to pass up this opportunity, definitively. I have to do it. Have to.

So, I’m going to shoot it with a few friends of mine. We already have most of the necessary equipment and I’m almost finished punching out a draft. All I really need to do is figure out how to collect the necessary props that I want to feature and I’ll be set to do this thing. Alas, with my current financial situation, all the bills I’ve got to pay and the fact that I was recently laid-off, this last piece is a little more trying than I had originally anticipated.

But I’ll figure something out I’m sure, I always do. But 1st I think it’ll help if I start with a beer…

Source: OCFF, Dogfish Lineup


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