Burritos, Dali, N’awlins, and Beers

This past Saturday was a good, progressive day for me and a hell of an evening for those involved. So much so that it took me 2 days to recover from it enough to write about it apparently (or at least that’s my excuse).

I spent pretty much the whole day writing that beer post, which is kind of – embarrassing maybe? I’m not quite sure what it is. It’s definitely kind of something slightly more negative than positive though; the damn thing took upwards of the 5 hours that I was awake before having to leave the apartment to go out for the evenings events. I’m going to try not to do that anymore, the spending of excessive amounts of time on posts. How to do so without sacrificing quality is something I’ll have to work on.

In any case, around 7 we (Dave, Erin and myself) left the apartment to grab some much needed grub before heading over to the Hudson Hotel to see one of the opening weekend showings of the play Green Eyes that Steph has been Makeup Designing. We were all quite hungry, so Dave suggested that we should hit up a Chipotle that was near the stop at which we were to disembark. My complaint was that I had heard from a friend of mine awhile ago that it was owned by McDonald’s, which is craptastic and hardly encouraging. He informed me that the chain had been sold to another company or some such, and that the food there was far better than it had any right to be considering. So with that  and the assurance that it was praised for its freshness, it was off to Chipotle we went!

And I have to say, I was impressed. Super impressed actually. The menu was simple and the food is prepared right in front of you. You have your choice of meats, like steak and chicken, and some stuff you’d expect to have on a burrito (including 3 degrees of salsa/hot sauces and a killer guac). They slap it all on there, roll it up, and serve you what amounts to between a pound and a pound and a half’s worth of food for a very reasonable price. I’m going to actually review my experience in a separate post, so I won’t go into too much detail here; but I ordered a carnitas burrito with a Mr. Pibb (awesome), and by the end of the surprisingly delicious experience, I felt like I was gonna keel over. I can’t remember the last time I felt that full. I tried to take a pee in an attempt to expel something from my overly stuffed body. Nothing happened, I just stood there in frustration. I didn’t feel sick or ill or like I needed to spend some time on the throne at all – I was just fucking stuffed.

So we left Chipotle and ventured out into the light snow, myself attempting to coerce my companions to roll me down the street, and walked a few blocks to Columbus Circle, the entire time I was half-moaning/half-sighing quite audibly. Not necessarily complaining, but certainly not too happy about my current state. I was that full; and again, I needed to expel and could have cared less what it was. As long as something was coming out of me in some fashion I felt like I was making progress. I don’t really think it helped any, but it certainly made me feel better to know that everyone was aware that I was in some sort of agony.

In any case, we went into the mall over at Columbus Circle to kill some time before the show. The initial reason was to stop at Borders and browse for anything of interest. We were lucky enough however, to discover a Salvador Dali exhibit. Showcasing some magnificent bronze sculptures, beautiful paintings and hand drawn artwork amongst other things, this little surprise was quite awe-inspiring; as were the price tags on the pieces, which are all apparently up for sale. Though I’ve never spent much time studying it, art in general is a thrilling experience for me. That a persons mind and imagination can create such wonderfully beautiful feats is an extraordinary thing. And this exhibit was no exception. I strongly suggest that if you have the opportunity to go, you take it. It was quite literally awesome.

After the exhibit we ended up in Borders for a short bit, but my focus was mainly on my uncomfortableness and I didn’t care much about books at that point. I was fidgety with my newly conceived Burritillian child, so looking for my next read was absent from my mind. Dave and I did notice that Snookie was coming to sign her new book at some point in the next week or so though, all of which is about as absurd as a miniature pink elephant. I fail to see how things like this are allowed to happen. I know why they do, but how they are allowed to is beyond my intellectual capacity. I have no real frame of reference on the girl, but I do know that she was punched in the face by a teacher who is apparently quite the upstanding gentleman; which speaks volumes on her character. And hooray for that guy, living out the dreams of what I assume to be at least a few thousand people.

As 9 o’clock drew near, we departed from Columbus Circle and headed over to the Hudson Hotel to ensure our timely arrival for the 9:30 showing of Green Eyes. Though doors opened at 9, we had ample time to peruse the hotel lobby, heeding particular attention to the vending machine whose contents ranged from a $350 pair of gold handcuffs to an $8,000 photo session with some guy who, for $8,000, damn well better have been in one of those prim little packages displayed inside. Being that the show was running a little late, we weren’t gathered up by the director (Travis Chamberlain) until right around 9:45, at which point he took our group of 7 up the elevator, down a couple of corridors, and into one of the honeymoon suites. There, we were very intimately seated in the back row of 2 rows of chairs set up in a room that was roughly 15’x10′. Mr. Chamberlain departed for a moment to gather the second group of 7, giving those of us seated some time to take in the decor: a bed, two side tables, one with an old 60’s era radio, wood paneled walls covered by army camo mesh, and an amazingly awesome (possibly hand woven) picture of a violent looking tiger leaping into action above the bed, amongst other things.

The second group returned and were seated in the row in front of us (blocking my view to degrees, somewhat to my dismay), and the show began. The story is that of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Dunphy, newlywed during his brief military leave some time in the mid 60’s, and their erotically volatile honeymoon. I am going to write a review of the play some time in the very near future, so I will again refrain from going into much more detail here; but I will tell you that while at first the experience was one that took a little getting used to, and regardless of the fact that at times it was hard to see what was going on from my vantage point, I left the Hudson Hotel on Saturday night with my mind at work, trying to sort through the implications and the metaphors and the possibilities of the narrative, both in regards to the story itself and to current events. It certainly was one hell of an experience, one that stuck with me almost immediately. Adam Couperthwaite and Erin Markey as Mr. and Mrs. Claude Dunphy had much to do with this, their performances creating a very tense and very real atmosphere (on occasion unnervingly so). And while I haven’t seen many plays to really allow me to draw comparisons, I feel extremely confident in saying that Green Eyes is an experience unlike any other.

I feel remiss for those who wanted to see it and can’t, my understanding being that the show has sold out for its entire run. But hopefully the company will be back again next year, allowing those who missed it the opportunity to see this thoroughly engaging, psychosexual Tennessee Williams play.

After it ended, Dave, Erin and I waited in the hotel’s Library Bar, where one could purchase a Green Eyes Cocktail (none of us being that one), for Steph to come meet up with us. From there, we opted for a beer at Sunswick, our favorite local back in Astoria, where we would be charged regular NY prices for great craft beer. I would have loved to jump into a quick review of the beers that I drank, but unfortunately I didn’t make a note of what I ordered. What I can tell you definitively is that both of my libations were delicious and thirst quenching, which is exactly what I was looking for when I entered.

What I wasn’t looking for was for everybody to abandon me to the merriment of others, which all three of my cohorts did, and only moments after I had ordered my second beer. Steph had had an orange juice while at the hotel, which had given her a stomach ache, one that I’m sure the beer that she drank didn’t help much. So she left with Dave and Erin, who had to go because Erin needed to get up early the next day to work. So they all left, rather quickly I might add. Though I was able to slow Steph down enough to get her Kindle so I would have something to do for the next 20 minutes while I waited for and consumed my beer. It’s a good thing I’m understanding, because if I wasn’t, I’d try to make them feel bad by writing stuff somewhat similar to the stuff I just wrote.

So I paid for the beers and left, making a brief stop at a bodega to pick up a couple of tall boys to nurse when I got home. And then Steph, Dave and I watched the first couple episodes of ABC’s Modern Family, which was an absolute riot. The premiere episode has one of the funniest moments of television I have ever seen, hands down! It’s a great show and I look forward to watching the rest of the first season.

And so much for writing shorter posts in shorter amounts of time. I’m coming to the very real understanding that it’s going to take me awhile to get to that point. Whatever. I guess if I don’t give a shit and you do or don’t want to take the time to read this, then we’re all happy in the end, right? Right?

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