Film: Thoughts in General

Being that I graduated college with a degree in Film Production with essentially a Minor in Film Analysis, I’d like to think I know a little bit about the subject. “I’d like to think” being the operative statement there. When you boil it down, everybody has an opinion based on their own personal tastes, and as the saying goes “opinions are like assholes… everybody’s got one” – I just pretend mine doesn’t stink as much….

So throughout this blog, you’ll find everything from reviews of as many movies as I can muster up the interest in reviewing, to Top 10 lists of all my personal genre faves, as well as what I deem to be the Top 10 movies you cannot live your life without seeing at least once. If you have a real desire to see one of these quicker than the other, let me know so I can feign some semblance of focus.

I forewarn you:  I am very acceptable of all different types of films. And by this, I don’t mean ‘genres.’ I am an extremely firm believer in the fact that there isn’t anyone, anywhere that sets out to make a bad movie (alright, so, maybe I DO believe that there may be a couple of exceptions to this, but they’re few and far between). As such, I generally tend to view films wholly, with an open mind and the desired result of the filmmaker continually noted. Did it do what it set out to do to the degree that it initially intended to do it? In the end, did it entertain me, for whatever reason?

As I said, being that I went to school for film, you would think that I should meticulously break down any and every film I see by the various aspects it takes to actually get a movie from pre-production through post; to have something to say about the writing, the story, the acting, the cinematography, the set design, the directing and so on and so forth separately. And maybe I should. But the fact of the matter is that I’ve never let myself get to a point where deconstructing films has trumped my desire to simply watch and enjoy them. Once you do something like that, it sort of takes the romance out of it… at least for me.

Don’t misunderstand me, I have to do these things to various degrees in order to give any real and worthwhile sort of review. But because I’m so open minded, so non-particularly particular, I always try to look for the best in the 90-120 plus minutes laid out in front of me – even if it’s more tedious to do so than just simply sitting back and regurgitating everything I saw that bugged me to no end. So while some people are telling you “This movie sucked because X,Y & Z,” I’ll be countering with “But what about A,B, & C?”

I don’t know how well this is going to go over with a lot of you, nor am I saying that every movie that I’ve ever seen is just sunshine and rainbows in my eyes, but I want to be as fair as possible right up front: I am far more accepting of films that some may consider to be garbage, and while I still might not consider it to be Oscar worthy, I’ll argue my points with validity and gusto, just so you can see where I’m coming from.

And again, whether or not you agree with me doesn’t really matter – in fact, it makes for better conversation. Like I said, they’re just opinions.


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